[KPhotoAlbum] problems with kphotoalbum-20090613.tar.bz2

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sun Jun 21 19:10:19 CEST 2009

Jesper K. Pedersen schrieb:
> On Saturday 20 June 2009 09:31:33 Martin Jost wrote:
> | Hello,
> |
> | I tried kphotoalbum-20090613.tar.bz2 but have run into problems.
> | (I had 4.0.1 installed in the same location before. Just to let you
> | know, if I might need to delete some old config files or some such)
> |
> | 1.
> | On my machine, it didn't compile "out of the box".
> | I changed the following two files:
> Oh, that function was first introduce in Qt 4.5 Anyway, the count method does 
> the same, so I will just use that. Thanks
> Please attach patches in the future rather than post them inline in the email, 
> as that runs the risk of line breaking which will make the patch command barf 
> at me.
Ok. Sorry, this wasn't intended as a patch, but just as a rough
indication, where the problem is and how I (tried to) solve it.
I absolutely wasn't sure, if this is the right thing.

> | 3.
> | BUT...
> | I clicked on one of the folders (containing 524 images according to KPA)
> | I just get back to the opening screen. (See attached screenshot)
> | This seems to be updated. The breadcrumb (lower left) shows the selected
> | folder.
> | The status (lower right) shows the correct count of images in the folder
> | (524) But the date-bar only shows 509 (?)
> Did some of the images contain any dates outsite the visible (for the datebar 
> view) interval? Maybe some of the images had invalid dates?
Ah, ok, that may be the reason. (A combination of both)

> | But that's it - no image visible...
> I'm not sure what that line meant, did you not see any images when you click 
> show images?
Hmm dumb question: Where is this "show images" ?
I was used from 3.x and 4.0.[01] that when I click an icon with an
indication of the count of images, I see the images.
E.g. in the attached screenshot below, I would assume, that when I click
"Melk", I get to see the 21 images with that tag.
Did this change ?

> | Also searching for locations, persons etc. behaved the same way. No
> | images visible, instead I just get back to an updated main screen.
> Hmm that is how KPA works, no? While narrowing in on the image you wanna see, 
> you click the category you wanna see, then the item of that category, then the 
> category, then item, and finally you press "show images"
Ah, ok, so I'm missing that "show images" thing also here ?!
(see below for some addition)

> | If I now click "Run slideshow", it shows the fotos I would expect.
> | But I never were able to see the "usual" thumbnail view.
> |
> | What am I doing wrong here ?
> Did you click on the "show images" item in the browser?
see above... :-)

> | 4.
> | EXIF DB still doesn't work.
> | I recreated the DB, but I still see errors on the console.
> Ouch. Anyone who can help here?
I would appreciate if someone could fix that. Sometimes that feature
comes handy...

And a new problem (sorry...)
I came up with the idea, that my KPA configuration is broken.
(So e.g. I don't see that "Show images" thing)
So I deleted
Next time, KPA came up (as expected), asking me whether I would like to
- start the demo
- load my own DB
- check the features
On the konsole I got:
Object::connect: No such slot QWidget::slotBrowseForDirecory()
And the [..]-button to select the dir containing the DB is not working.

I entered the path by hand; now KPA behaves like before. But still I
can't see this "Show images" thing.
(I'm curious to learn how big the tomatoes on my eyes have been, so I
didn't find it. I'm still afraid I'm not seeing something obvious.)


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