[KPhotoAlbum] spaces - %20 problem

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sun Jun 21 01:05:34 CEST 2009

On Fri 2009-06-19, Martin Jabůrek wrote:
> Of course. It was earlier on mailing-list.

 Correct.  It was me, about 6 days earlier.  No one listens
 to us Australians.  {wistfully}

 It's not something I do very often, as I usually grab files
 from the file system directly, so I'm not sure if this popped
 up with a kde 4.2.4 upgrade (that I did a few days before)
 or just as part of KPA 4.x.  My gut feel is the latter.

> The point is that when I do copy(or drag and drop) from KPA to
> dolphin/konqueror, it just complain about missing file and it prints
> the source filename with spaces substituted with %20.

 To clarify this (and my earlier posting to this list) I tried to work
 around this by copying to a konsole too - that was my usual
 preferred way with the 3.x branch - and that fails in the same

 Martin - when you file the bug, can you post the # here for me?


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