[KPhotoAlbum] global shortcut conflict

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sun Jun 14 13:20:17 CEST 2009

| > I would guess this is a user error.
|  Very happy to take the fall for this one, but would be curious if
|  you - and other KPA users on KDE4 - could check something
|  for me please.
|  KPA | Settings | Configure Shortcuts
|  About a quarter the way down, and you need to make the window
|  wide enough to see the Shortcut | Alternate* | Global
|  Check the setting "A tool to rotate/flip images without losing
|  quality' -- specifically the Global shortcut for same, of course.
|  If it says Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right then, well, yeah.  Then something.
|  If it doesn't, then you're right - it's just me.
It isn't set for me no. 

I do wonder though why there are so many global keybindings from KIPI.
Anyway, the keybindings come out of the plugin itself. I dont' event set them 
or anything, all I do is ask the plugin for a list of actions.
So I'm afraid there is nothing I can do here.

One thing you could try, to ensure I'm not wrong, is to start digikam and see 
if they have the same problem.

|  Is it possible that it's a kipi thing .. ?
|  I've done nothing out of the ordinary here - just installed the
|  packages from Debian as they've been released.
|  cheers,
|  Jedd.
|  * Should be 'alternative'.  Alternate is more strictly a verb, to
|  oscillate between two options.  Alternatives *are* the other
|  option(s).
Not my code, we get this whole dialog from KDE.

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