[KPhotoAlbum] Experiences with version 4

Clair Johnston cbj0129 at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 4 04:40:09 CEST 2009

Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> Hi Clair,
> What directory did you index? Didn't you index your $HOME? If so, would 
> there be a chance that you just indexed both your images and the 
> generated thumbs (located under ~/.thumbnails)?
No, the directory is a couple levels deep on a portable harddrive. 
Jesper is helping me work through the problems.  So far we have found 
that home directory didn't have enough space for .thumbnails and I am 
currently investigating a possible image corruption for the "gray" 
thumbnails and images. The double thumbnails looks like a possible 
procedural problem on my part, but I need to confirm.   I think I can 
reproduce it.  I'll post later when it's resolved to my satisfaction.
I'll need to consult with Jesper once I have confirmed what I have been 
finding the last hour of so.

Thanks for the suggestion,
> My 2 cents
> Cheers
> 2009/6/1 Clair Johnston <cbj0129 at bellsouth.net 
> <mailto:cbj0129 at bellsouth.net>>
>     jedd wrote:
>      >  I like it.  A lot.  Especially the integration of custom categories
>      >  into the primary annotation window .. and the way you can move
>      >  the various components in there around.
>      >
>      >  Jedd.
>     I like the improvements also, however I am experiencing some problems.
>     System Conf:
>     HP laptop running Ubuntu 9.04
>     Running prebuilt Binary from website link
>     36,000 photos on a USB harddrive
>     Only about 10% catagorized.
>     First question:  I have a number of images that are displaying as "gray
>     scale" rather than color.  Opening with an external program displays
>     properly.  I assume that this has some specific meaning but have been
>     unable to find the answer.
>     Second question:  I just added about 300 images from a photo shoot on
>     Saturday.  In the thumbnail view there are two thumbnails for each
>     image.  Clicking on the first one highlights the second one.  Both
>     thumbnails reference the same image.  There is only one image on the
>     harddive. I am not shooting RAW, only JPG.
>     I tried to regenerate the thumbnails.  The progress bar ran to 99% and
>     hung for about 20 minutes, before I accidentally closed KPhotoAlbum
>     Any help would be appreciated.
>     Clair
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