[KPhotoAlbum] Bug in latest snapshot regarding umlaute in category names?

Jakob Sack mail at jakobsack.de
Mon Jul 27 16:18:26 CEST 2009


I use kphotoalbum för several years now.
The Categorys I have are "Orte" (Places), "Personen" (People) and 
"Schlüsselbegriffe" (Keywords).
I used to add the keyword "OK" to photos I tagged.
Now in the latest snapshot I can not mark a photo as "OK". Even worse, photos 
I already tagged "OK" lost this keyword as soon as I edit any other tag.
Here is some step by step instruction:

1) select a photo and select "Annotate Individual Items"
2) in "Schhlüsselbegriffe" I check the tag "OK"
3) Press done => the "Schlüsselbegriff" did not change

This bug even "works" with the demo database. Just create a new category with 
any umlaut and it is not possible to select any tags in this category.
Assigning tags with umlauts to a normal category works. So it is possible to 
select "äöü" as a place.
Hope this helps.


Am Montag, 27. Juli 2009 15:59:19 schrieben Sie:
> On Monday 27 July 2009 15:45:03 Jakob Sack wrote:
> | Hi,
> |
> | I just compiled the latest snapshot of kphotoalbum. I really like the new
> | features. However, it seems like there is a small bug.
> | There is a category called "Schlüsselbegriffe", probably keys or
> | something like this in English. I can do what I want, I am unable to
> | assign any tag to this category. Other categories (without umlauts in the
> | name) work fine though. Any ideas?
> What do you mean by unable to assign any tags? could you elaborate a bit on
> the steps you are taking here?
> | Jakob

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