[KPhotoAlbum] EXIF search now working; "Recreate EXIF Search database" seems to be broken, was: New shapshot

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sat Jul 25 14:53:09 CEST 2009

Jesper K. Pedersen schrieb:
> | Hello Jan,
> |
> | yes that did the trick.
> |
> | But there seems to be an amazing discrepancy between functions here:
> | - If I use "Maintenance/Recreate EXIF Search database" it doesn't work.
> |   - Only one camera in the DB.
> |   - No matching photos on search, no matter what I try.
> |     (E.g. only mark the only camera model visible)
> |
> | - If I use "Maintenance/Read EXIF info from files", it simply works
> |   - A plausible looking range of cameras
> |   - Different search all get plausible looking results
> |
> | My impression has been, that "Recreate EXIF Search database" is the more
> | "drastic" way to recreate the database, but this doesn't work.
> |
> | Maybe "Recreate EXIF Search database" should just be implemented as
> | - Delete DB file
> | - Do a "Read EXIF info from files" on all photos
> That is utterly odd. I tried reviewing the code in questions, and what I found 
> was that regarding the exif database the reread info basically is exactly 
> doing what you suggest.
> Glad that it works for you, but I've no idea why it went wrong.

I just tried "Maintenance/Recreate EXIF Search database" another time.
This time *no* camera is found in the DB afterwards - worse than last time.

What I have seen, is that the progress bar only gets up to 11 %, then
the dialog silently disappears.
(Tried this several times) I even tried German and English locale - same
(I have a strace of this; but even gzip compressed it is 424K. Let me
know if I should post it to the list or send to you by private EMail)

BUT: "Maintenance/Read EXIF info from files" goes to 99 % (And probably
disappears when reaching 100 %). So there *must be* a difference between
the two. (Just guessing: Some sort of registered error handler ?)

In the course of that, I also discovered, that KPA doesn't seem to
detect if two instances are running. Because from my understanding
SQLite isn't multiuser and the XML file surely isn't, this seem to be a
really bad idea.
(This happened on my very first tries for this mail. All observations
here are without this "user incompatibility" (checked using "ps -ef  |
grep kphoto"))



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