[KPhotoAlbum] EXIF search now working; "Recreate EXIF Search database" seems to be broken, was: New shapshot

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sat Jul 25 12:50:47 CEST 2009

| Hello Jan,
| yes that did the trick.
| But there seems to be an amazing discrepancy between functions here:
| - If I use "Maintenance/Recreate EXIF Search database" it doesn't work.
|   - Only one camera in the DB.
|   - No matching photos on search, no matter what I try.
|     (E.g. only mark the only camera model visible)
| - If I use "Maintenance/Read EXIF info from files", it simply works
|   - A plausible looking range of cameras
|   - Different search all get plausible looking results
| My impression has been, that "Recreate EXIF Search database" is the more
| "drastic" way to recreate the database, but this doesn't work.
| Maybe "Recreate EXIF Search database" should just be implemented as
| - Delete DB file
| - Do a "Read EXIF info from files" on all photos
That is utterly odd. I tried reviewing the code in questions, and what I found 
was that regarding the exif database the reread info basically is exactly 
doing what you suggest.

Glad that it works for you, but I've no idea why it went wrong.

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