[KPhotoAlbum] google maps.

Matthias Füssel matthias.fuessel at gmx.net
Wed Jul 22 23:53:04 CEST 2009

> I have that, I've no idea how to tell how big it is. And no I still do not see 
> my own house :-)

Try expanding the "map view" category (or something similar, "Kartenansicht" in 
German ;-) ) in the side bar and selecting "OpenStreetMap" in "Design".

If that isn't offered, try selecting File - Download Map from the menu and 
download it.

If that menu entry doesn't exist, you probably have too old a Marble version (I 
don't remember when they introduced it - I use KDE 4.3 RC2). Then you can 
probably check out using a recent kde live system like KDE Four Live: 


If you *still* don't see your house, you can of course use your gps device to 
join the openstreetmap effort and make your home place better known ;-)


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