[KPhotoAlbum] GPS support in KPhotoAlbum

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Jul 22 16:36:08 CEST 2009

Thanks for your resume. Your feature suggestions are pretty much down the 
alley I've been thinking too.

May largest concern with Marble is still map data, and that I can't zoom in 
very detailed.

On Wednesday 22 July 2009 16:26:54 Matthias Füssel wrote:
| Hello,
| I'll try to structure my thoughts a bit. Here we go:
| Geoposition Features I would like to see in KPA:
| ------------------------------------------------
| * select images by position: Just like you now narrow down the selection by
| category, you should also be able to say "by position", draw a rectangle on
| a map and select everything inside it.
| * show map during slideshow: in a slideshow, while you are retelling
| something, you should be able to blend in a map which shows the positions
| of the images of the slide show, the current one highlighted, possibly with
| a route drawn between them, the part of the route that is on the same day
| as the current image in some way marked, ...
| * for geotagging (manually or by importing a gps track) there is already a
| kipi plugin that uses google map
| Actually, I have a local version of a patch implementing the first feature
| using Marble, that has some caveats, though: it currently doesn't work very
| well due to what I *think* are bugs in Marble's handling of changes in the
| placemark model (but I'm not a great C++ programmer, usually doing (and
| liking!) Java a lot more). It uses an intermediate step of generating a kml
| string - there should be a better way. It is a rather large change - I had
| a lot more than I would have liked. It is againt trunk, not against the
| development branch. And (finally) I can't access it for the next week or
| so, as my main computer has broken down recently :-(
| I'll try to port it to the development branch and post it to bugzilla soon,
| but I will have only limited time to work on it in the nearer future
| The way of implementing maps
| ----------------------------
| The geotagging kipi plugin uses GoogleMap. It does so by using a widget
| that is more or less a web browser. This does work (and you get
| GoogleMap!), but it seems to be a bit "shaky": for some time it just
| crashed the calling application without comment, because google had changed
| something in the delivered html in a way the browser code obviously didn't
| understand. And it isn't very efficient - it works just like GoogleMap in a
| browser
| The KDE way is Marble. Marble can use different sources for the geographic
| data to display, including OpenStreetMap (and so also OpenCycleMap, ...).
| It does *not* support GoogleMap, as far as I know - probably due to licence
| restrictions.
| For overview maps the "standard" data in marble is good. For detailed maps
| of a limited area, OpenStreetMap is usually the best source in marble.
| Quality and level of detail varies however: often good, sometimes excellent
| (considerably better than GoogleMap), but in stranger parts of the world
| you sometimes don't see very much. You can try yourself:
| http://www.openstreetmap.org/
| Integration of Marble is fairly easy. There is (among other possibilities)
| a QWidget ready to use. There are also some bugs, I think, and only limited
| documentation. Much active development.
| I would choose marble: it is already usable, much more flexible and I think
| it will grow over time. (though you have to keep up with API changes
| sometimes...)
| Greetings,
| Matthias
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