[KPhotoAlbum] GPS support in KPhotoAlbum

costal martignier 07.09 at martignier.net
Wed Jul 22 13:06:24 CEST 2009

hi jesper,

afaik, you dont need any licenses when you want to display a personalised map in
google maps, you can add "layers" over the existing maps, ther is no need to
obtain licenses...
also there is a really simple api avaiable, allready used by thousends of
applications out there...

open street map is a really nice idea, but not more for the moment, it's not
usable in 90% of the world, it's something for the neards and freaks out there
who want to have controll over all and everything in their apps or maps :)  dont
get me wrong, i'm open source from the bottom to the top, but OSM is not yet in
a usefull state for the average user, and i think the most KPA users are average

if i find some time, i can check the situation and find some infos, but they
should be easy findable, because gmaps is allready really wide spreed ....

sorry again for my really bad english...

best wishes

"Jesper K. Pedersen" <blackie at kde.org> hat am 22. Juli 2009 um 12:36

> > I guess the best option would be to have the possibility to choose
> > between OSM and Google to get the best coverage AFAIK this shouldn't
> > be a problem (the only limiting factor might be google licences..)
> >
> > -> Please support both.
> Well in a perfect world, sure. In the same perfect world, "it shouldn't add 
> much extra work to make KPA show vidoes now that it can do images" <- that 
> took perhaps half of the porting time from Qt3->Qt4 :-o
> Of course if there are libraries that hides those details for me, by all means
> fine.
> Am I right in saying that Marble doesn't have support for google maps?
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