[KPhotoAlbum] latest snapshot -> other languages

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sun Jul 19 15:54:50 CEST 2009

costal martignier schrieb:
> when i'm installing my distributions package, kpa is automaticly displayed with
> german texts, but now i have only english as an option...
> how can i compile kpa in german?
> can i reuse some language files from another version, or are there some options
> i need to force while compiling?
> any hints?

probably the developers can give more accurate info...
But here I'm using the lphotoalbum-20090711 snapshot and I have a mostly
complete German UI.
(Some strings turn up as english). So I looked for probable difference
between my situation and yours.

It seems that only the "offical" releases (and thus the distributions
package) contain localizations, while the snapshots don't.
(There is kphotoalbum-4.0.1/po/ dir, but no kphotoalbum-20090711/po)

So *I* have a German UI on the snapshot, because I had KPA 4.0.1
installed previously in the same location.
Probably this will work for you too. First install KPA 4.0.1, then
install the latest snapshot in the same location, without removing the
first  installation.



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