[KPhotoAlbum] compile kde4 apps on windows

07.09 at martignier.net 07.09 at martignier.net
Wed Jul 15 22:15:33 CEST 2009

woooohooowwww :)

this was really quick....
what a great surprise, i'm really really happy about these news...

i posted my question also on the developer mailinglist from kphotoalbum, and the
main developer told me he will help if there are any questions about

> here's a proofpic http://imagebin.ca/view/LCwEA16.html

this link doesn't show me a picture.

i crossposted this to the kphotoalbum mailing list, because i think these news
are interessting for some peoples there... :)

many many thx for your work, please tell me if i can help testing and
also i like to donate something somewhere when the port is finished....

best regards

Eduard Sukharev <kraplax at mail.ru> hat am 15. Juli 2009 um 21:24 geschrieben:

> On Среда 15 июля 2009 16:59:39 Eduard Sukharev wrote:
> > On Среда 15 июля 2009 15:01:58 07.09 at martignier.net wrote:

> > Has KPhotoalbum been ported to KDE4 at least? Or is it KDE4 incarnation of
> > some KDE3 apps?
> > I'm not sure, but in worst cases x11 things might be just #ifdef'd for
> > WIN32, so that it will compile at least. But doing that surely will disable
> > some functionality. Thus, next step would be implement that functionality
> > either independant of any particular platform (through Qt/KDElibs) or make
> > a Windows only implementation of them (they'll be compiled for windows,
> > while ignored for Linux and vice versa).
> >
> > No Cygwin installation is required, then.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Eduard.

> Hi :)
> So, making KPhotoAlbum build on Windows wasn't that hard at all. What's else 
> there needed is testing it's basic abilities, creating an emerge python script
> (i guess i'll do that soon) and more work on porting - we had to disable 
> screensaver control (i guess, it was needed so that Slideshow wouldn't be 
> interrupted by screensaver) for now, but it needs porting.
> here's a proofpic http://imagebin.ca/view/LCwEA16.html
> Best regards,
> Eduard

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