[KPhotoAlbum] exif/exiv issue with stadler debian build

Mark Eichin eichin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 23:40:45 CEST 2009

Using the debs from
(4.0.1-1ubuntu0~ppa1) (though 2(a) is a generic kphotoalbum bug,

(1) I'm getting the "You also don't have EXIF support available, which
means that you can't read image dates from JPEG metadata. It's
strongly recommended to recompile KPhotoAlbum with the
<code>exiv2</code> library" message, but the executable *is* linked
with libexiv2:
           libexiv2.so.5 => /usr/lib/libexiv2.so.5 (0xb7bf7000)

(2) on import, I'm getting "There was an error while executing the SQL
backend command. The error is likely due to a broken database
file.</p><p>To fix this problem run Maintenance->Rebuild EXIF
database" (and the insert it's trying to do does in fact have a
different number of columns.)  Two problems here:
   (a) There's Maintenance->Recreate Exif Search Database, and
Maintenance->Read EXIF Info From Files... but no "rebuild"...
   (b) assuming that "recreate" is what it is asking for, it doesn't
seem to do anything (puts up no dialog boxes, and next time I import
new stuff I get the same error.)

sqlite exif-info.db
sqlite> .schema
create table exif (filename string PRIMARY KEY, Exif_Photo_FocalLength
float, Exif_Photo_ExposureTime float, Exif_Photo_ApertureValue float,
Exif_Photo_FNumber float, Exif_Photo_Flash int, Exif_Photo_Contrast
int, Exif_Photo_Sharpness int, Exif_Photo_Saturation int,
Exif_Image_Orientation int, Exif_Photo_MeteringMode int,
Exif_Photo_ISOSpeedRatings int, Exif_Photo_ExposureProgram int,
Exif_Image_Make string, Exif_Image_Model string );

if that helps...

(yes, I cut&pasted the messages out of the executable, since I can't
select them from the UI :-)

_Mark_ <eichin at thok.org> <eichin at gmail.com>

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