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jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sat Jul 4 00:10:04 CEST 2009

 Hi Joe,

 Ah, okay.  Interesting.  Olympus shouldn't be doing anything
 especially curious with their cameras, of course, and they're
 such a popular brand that it's bizarre you would be the only
 person we'd have heard of to suffer from it.

 I believe KPA just uses KDE components (kipi etc) to access
 the EXIF info, so it wouldn't just be KPA users with your model
 camera - it'd be any KDE user with it.

 Is there a way you can do a cold-reboot or a firmware upgrade
 on the camera, just in case?  I know that firmware upgrades
 are always risky, but desperate times and all that.

 Oh, it's not just something really whacky like you never set
 the date on the thing and it reckons it's before 1970 ..? ;)


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