[KPhotoAlbum] Compiling recent KPhotoAlbum for Debian Lenny

Matthias Heukäufer matthias.heukaeufer at uni-greifswald.de
Thu Aug 6 16:57:44 CEST 2009


Thanks for the script. I finally checked out kdegraphics and was (after some 
mangling with CMakeLists.txt) able to compile libkdcraw without the other 
targets. That considerably reduced the dependencies.
I haven't tried libkipi so far, but I might still do that today.
Right now I have two problems remaining:

- the icons are still missing. I have posted screenshots here:
Like I said - I suppose this is a result of running under KDE 3.5.10. Does 
anybody have a solution?

- Raw images are not correctly rotated. From the Exif info dialog I can tell 
that the orientation is read correctly from the files. It just seems that 
KPhotoAlbum doesn't care. This used to be a problem with older versions as 
well and has been one of the reasons why I am trying to switch to a more 
recent one, so I am disappointed that it still does not work. I would try to 
investigate myself. Can someone point me to the region in the code where I 
should start to look?

Thank you - Matthias

On Donnerstag 06 August 2009, theBro wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> you might want to try compiling KPA "the old way". Attached script
> downloads recent versions from svn and compiles them. It grabs also some
> current KDE stuff, including kdcraw. (I haven't tested on Debian but used
> to work on old Ubuntu so should work in Lenny also.)
> I think the icons KPA uses are mostly standard KDE icons and are thus not
> shipped with KPA.
> theBro
> Matthias Heukäufer kirjoitti 05.08.2009 kello 23:10:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I am currently trying to compile a recent version of KPhotoalbum
> >  (snapshot
> > 20090721 and/ or the SVN-version) for Debian Lenny.
> > The first thing I stumbled upon while compiling the latest snapshot
> >  was the
> > compiler error about the Qt4.4/4.5 issue that Martin Jost has mentioned
> > already. I recommend to replace the snapshot with another one that
> >  builds
> > without any errors, as it might leave a bad impression on people who
> >  have
> > never worked with KPhotoAlbum before.
> > Applying Jesper's patch or using a svn-checkout results in a clean
> >  build.
> > That
> > can be started without problems. Most of my images are not displayed,
> > though,
> > to be more exact all the images that are not jpg.  Cmake had complained
> > about "libkdcaw release < 0.2.0, too old" and "libkipi release <
> >  0.2.0, too
> > old". While I could probably live without kipi for a while, dcraw is
> >  really
> > essential for me, as I am shooting raw pictures most of the time.
> > Unfortunately, backports.org does not provide any more recent
> >  packages of
> > those libraries, and when I tried to compile them myself using the
> >  debian
> > source-package "kdegraphics", I was confronted with a large number
> >  of unmet
> > dependencies.
> > Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get KPhotoAlbum running on
> > Debian
> > stable?
> > On a side note: I do not see any icons either on the main screen or in
> > dialogs. Buttons that should show a graphic on them are just empty. I
> > suspect
> > that it results from running a KDE4-app in KDE 3.5.10. Is there any
> > solution
> > for it (Yes, I have exported "KDEDIRS=~/kphotoalbum".)?
> >
> > Thanks for your help - Matthias
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