[KPhotoAlbum] Thumbnails for images not on the disk disappear (Jan Kundr?t)

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Thu Oct 9 17:59:51 CEST 2008

Murray Strome wrote:
> I transferred all the images and the KPhotoAlbum files to an external
> drive so that I could work with them on my laptop while away from home,
> so I can no longer be certain as to what state things might be on my
> home desktop computer.  However, before I left home, I noticed that
> every time I restarted KPhotoAlbum, if I looked at the images that were
> not on the hard drive (I had copied them to CD and deleted the original
> images), more and more of the thumbnails for those on the CD had
> disappeared. I had deleted them from the HD, not from the Album.  The
> names and other information about them were still there. However, the
> last time I looked on the laptop version, only the names were there, no
> other information.

Please tell me the following, for each "class of behavior of images"
(ie. for one of the images that are still ok, for one of those that is
re-generated over and over,...):

a) What was the old full path to the image before you (re)moved it?
b) What is the new path?
c) Is the file still available in the old path?
d) Is the file available in the new path?
e) What's the record in the XML database like? (You can get it by `grep
replaceWithImageFileName /path/to/your/photos/index.xml`, replace
replaceWIth... with the real filename)

> One thing that might have been a factor was possibly setting the maximum
> size of the thumbnail cache too small (it was 5Mbytes).  Could that be
> my problem?

It's  just the in-memory cache. We don't maintain the disk cache's size
below any value (and haven't received a single complaint about it, btw).


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