[KPhotoAlbum] Multi-page Albums?

Sujee Maniyam kimdaba at sujee.net
Tue Nov 18 22:49:18 CET 2008

I had the similar issue;  I wanted to generate an album like this:

		+-- california
		+-- nevada

what I ended up doing is:
	- generate california album
	- generate Nevada album
	- then manually created an index.html to link these two dirs

I agree it would be nice to have as a feature, probably a plugin I guess.

While we are on the album topic, I have a couple of questions:
1) is there a way to control the jpg quality (60%, 85%) of album images? 
  To me, they look a bit grainy.  So after the album is created, I 
replace them with manually generated images.

2) I would like to have a 'smug mug ' like album output.
any body know of a plugin that might do this?



Roger Broseus wrote:
> Using the built-in HTML generator (not the kipi plugin),
> Is it possible to generate multi-page albums - albums with a "master 
> page" that one can use to view subsets of pics? The only solution I can 
> think of is to tag photos I'd want to have on a "master" index page, 
> File | Generate HTML. . . , and edit the resultant page by hand to link 
> to other index pages.
> A related question: if this can be done, how to get a description of 
> images on the "master page?"
> One could, of course, generate a small page and link from that but it 
> would be nice to be able to do a multipage album.
> Thanks.
> /Roger
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