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Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Fri Nov 14 20:01:43 CET 2008

Hi Roger,

KPA uses exif info to sort images. So, in the message you read, it ends by
asking you to go to "Sort Selected byh date&time" item in the "images" menu.
Doing it will reorder the images correctly according to the exif date and
will make the message go away.

You'll notice then that showing the images sorting by shooting date (exif
one stored in the photo).


2008/11/14 Rog <linux.rog at gmail.com>

>  Using ver 3.1.1 under Ubuntu, I get the following message when KPhotoAlbum
> (KPhA) starts:
> Your images/videos are not sorted, which means that navigating using the
> date bar will only work suboptimally.
> In the Maintenance menu, you can find Display Images with Incomplete Dates
> which you can use to find the images that are missing date information.
> You can then select the images that you have reason to believe have a
> correct date in either their EXIF data or on the file, and execute
> Maintenance->Read EXIF Info to reread the information.
> Finally, once all images have their dates set, you can execute Images->Sort
> Selected by Date & Time to sort them in the database.
> However, when I do
>     Maintenance | Display Images with Incomplete Dates
> KPhA grinds away for a couple of minutes (I have >8k images) and then see
> no images in view mode.
> What am I doing incorrectly?
> Related question: I note that many of my images have been edited prior to
> using KPhA. When I view exif data for the pics, I see a large amount of
> data, including the original date from my camera, including date and time of
> shots.
> /Roger
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