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Rog linux.rog at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 18:25:39 CET 2008

Dear List,

Questions follow after my intro.

After researching and using several photo album managers, I believe that 
KPhotoAlbum is the best of the lot. Examples ruled-out are: Gallery, 
Coppermine, Picasa, digiKam, Album Shaper, and many others - including a 
home-grown item written by a local Linux expert.

I particularly like having one set of software to efficiently manage a 
large number of photos, the ability to re-arrange / re-order photos 
quickly in thumbnail view and, *especially*, being able to generate html 
albums for the web.

I prefer the built-in html album generator because it produces albums 
with choices for viewing with different resolutions. For this alone it 
is better than, e.g., the html generator available in via Plugins and in 
digiKam. I also like the uncluttered pages that are generated.

However, I there are a couple of things that I can not determine how to 
do with the html generator and after extensive searching of KPhotoAlbum 
web sites, I can not find answers. I note that I read one year's worth 
of posts to the mailing list before posing my questions. I am using ver. 
3.1.1 under Ubuntu.

    * Is it possible to generate multi-page albums - albums with a
      "master page" that one can use to view subsets of pics? The only
      solution I can think of is to tag photos I'd want to have on a
      "master" index page, File | Generate HTML. . . , and edit the
      resultant page by hand to link to other index pages.
    * How to display, for example, the "description" under a thumbnail
      when viewing an index page - a caption of sorts. (I figured out,
      with some time invested, how to do this for individual pics.)

Before answering the following, note that I am not a "developer" and 
prefer not to get into Plugins unless they already exist and I 
inadvertently missed functionality there. I don't find the output of 
Plugin HTML generators to produce the kind of album I'm looking for:

    * I'd like to customize the output from the HTML generator. Where
      are the "templates" located so that I might modify them to do
      these things? For example, changing the format / positioning of
      captions ("Description"), etc.
    * I would also like to have exif data available when one hovers a
      mouse over an image - implying this data must be extracted when
      producing an html album.

Thanks in advance. And, to the authors: it is clear that a lot of good 
thinking went into KPhotoAlbum.

Bethesda, MD  USA
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