[KPhotoAlbum] looking for RAW work flow suggestions..

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 13 16:09:01 CET 2008

Ted Miller venit, vidit, dixit 12.11.2008 14:02:
> Jan Kundrát wrote:
>> Sujee Maniyam wrote:
>>> - can you share your RAW workflow ideas here?
>> If there's something in KPA that you discover and is limiting you, 
>> please let us know how to improve it in KPA.
> 1. The thing I am waiting to work its way out through the upgrade process 
> is the "grouping" of files, where I can group the raw files and the jpgs, 
> tiffs, etc that I create from it, and have only one show up in the browser, 
> and be able to tag them all at once.  I know you guys were working on this. 
>   Is it in a numbered version yet?  If so I will start watching for that 
> version to become available.
> 2. Question: when searching, is there a way to include the file name in the 
> search.  Last evening I wanted to pull all the *.png files out of a couple 
> hundred pictures I had searched for in the browser, but I could not figure 
> out how to do that.  Did I miss something?  If not, could I make a request 
> for another field in the search screen?  Depending on how you choose to 
> name your files, there could be various other reasons for wanting to search 
> on file name.  Usual wild-card (or regex?) search syntax should work there.

A while ago I posted a mediafiletype patch which implemented
subcategories for images and videos by file extension, so you would have
jpg, cr2, nef, png, .. subcategories under images and similar under
videos. There you have all your usual searching and set operations. For
me it was the only half-way reasonable way for working with jpg+raw in
KPA, but the patch didn't make it into trunk. It was against a 3.0ish
version of KPA. Is that something which would meet your needs?

I can't promise porting it to KPA 4. I'm kind of fed up with raw
thumbnails and display orientation being broken again in KPA 3.1 and KPA
4svn (I had a patch in KPA 3.0.2). Also, Bibble 5 with image management
facilities may come out out before KPA has image stacking/grouping...


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