[KPhotoAlbum] some ergonomy improvement suggestion for the stacked images.

Franck Sicard franck.sicard at 3demi.net
Wed Nov 12 15:30:46 CET 2008


i am un long term user of kphotoalbum (I use to manage my ~18000
photos) and i was playing last weekwith a freshly compiled version
from the SVN.

the Stacking seem to be a great feature to help the use of the
thumbernail view when displaying all the pictures of the database.

When you move the mouse on the stack (from left to right) you could
change the displayed picture of the stack.This would allow a quick
view of the content of the stack. And by pressing 'space' we would
select the displayed image as the default picture of the stack.

This is what is done in 'iPhoto' on MacOSX and it's very useful.



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