[KPhotoAlbum] looking for RAW work flow suggestions..

Sujee Maniyam kimdaba at sujee.net
Mon Nov 10 09:29:02 CET 2008

HI all,
A long time KPA user and used to shoot JPGs. I organized them by
dated-folders (photos/2008-09-road-trip ..etc) and cataloged them by
KPA.  Every thing is great.

Now I am thinking of moving to shooting RAW.  Going to use BiblePro for
processing RAW to JPGs.  I know RAWs put a demand on disk space +
processing time.  I want to minimize that.  I like to improve my overall
photography skills and take better 'keepers' in the first place, rather
than taking a ton and spending hours in post processing tweaking them.

My question to KPA users are:

- can you share your RAW workflow ideas here?
- do you tag RAW images or JPGs in KPA (KPA can show thumbnail version
of RAW, but it very small resolution)
- any other tips


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