[KPhotoAlbum] Exif for lens zoom range

Lars Clausen lars at raeder.dk
Wed Feb 13 19:01:35 CET 2008

As I'm expanding my lens collection, I'm finding it less and less
practical to search for images taken with specific lenses.  Poking
around with exifgrep, I'm finding some exif values that actually combine
to show the lens range, which would be enough (for now) to identify all
my lenses uniquely:

larsrc at dynamick:/tmp$ exifgrep FocalLength_ _MG_2661.CR2 
TIFF.Ifd0.Exif.MakerNote.CameraSettings.23_FocalLength_long = 300 units
TIFF.Ifd0.Exif.MakerNote.CameraSettings.24_FocalLength_short = 70 units

However, I can't find these in the exif lists in KPA.  These are from a
Canon 350D, BTW.

The Really Cool Thing[tm] would of course be to have some logic that
parses these camera-specific things and turns them into "fabricated"
EXIF.  But at least having the info accessible in the interface at all
would be better -- I'm not sure why it doesn't show up.


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