[KPhotoAlbum] Organize by creation date instead of modified date?

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 21 14:56:59 CET 2008

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 05:02:37 -0800 (PST) Murray Strome wrote:
Is it possible to have photos organized by the date/time on which the photos
were taken/created?? Currently, the times used seem to be the date/time on which
the photos were last modified. Since I usually do some editing of the photos
after I have transferred them to my computer, this creates difficulty in having
them organized by the actual time they were created.



On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 20:38:36 +0100 "Baptiste MATHUS" wrote:
Hi Murray,
KPhotoAlbum sorts image by EXIF date. Where do your photos come from? If it
comes from a digital camera, check your camera, it should set the date when
the photo was taken.



On most of my digital images from my Canon PowerShot A80
or my Pentax *istD, there are two sections to the EXIF
data (as shown by KPhotoAlbum), each with its own date:
Exif.Image   DateTime
Exif.Photo   DateTimeOriginal

KPhotoAlbum organizes things from the first DateTime
(which is the last time I edited the photo) and I
would like it to use DateTimeOriginal, which is
the time I took the photo.

There is a script that I tried using to rename photos
to the EXIF date.  It didn't work for me for the exact
same reason. I modified the script to work correctly
using the creation date instead, and also changed it
to rename the photos to <date><time><original name
with spaces replaced by underscore>. It only works on
JPEG images.  The original, my (Alpha1) modified version
and lots of discussion are at:


The basic problem, as I stated is that the creation date EXIF tag is 0x9003, if
I remember correctly.  The first DateTime tag is something else, which I forget.

This could be dependent upon the software used to edit the photos, and/or possibly
the camera.

I don't think my script posted on the above site is the latest version -- I don't think
I had figured out how to get the original date when I last posted something there. However,
I have just posted the change to make it work.

In my script on that page, to get it to work properly, I replaced
   exif -t DateTime “$line” |grep Value > exif.$$


   exif -i "$line" | grep 0x9003 > exif.$$

I would guess that KPhotoAlbum uses something equivalent to the first
line to find the date, which is OK if the photo has not been edited,
but not if you want the creation date for a modified photo.


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