[KPhotoAlbum] Patch for initial support for 6 degrees of freedom devices.

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat Apr 26 21:11:40 CEST 2008

Ben Martin wrote:
>   Attached is a patch to use the libsixdof library

Hi Ben,
first of all, do you have a link to some information about this device, 
so that I can at least imagine how it looks like?

> Support is currently limited to: next/prev image, zoom in/out, pan
> around x,y and rotate image. This does make a reasonable first stab at
> exposing functionality and using a 6dof device when in slideshow mode.

I'm only guessing about what the 6dof device looks like, but wouldn't it 
make sense to provide some configuration for users, too?

> The patch is a little ugly, the myApplication should really be migrated
> into another cpp file etc. I'd love to use dbus/dcop to allow libsixdof
> to automatically find and expose interesting functions to avoid the
> function table part, but thats another story for another
> hackfest :/

Is there any way you can get without the boost library? I'd love to 
avoid more dependencies than is already required (unless the libsixdof 
already depends on boost), and using another library kind of increases 
initial requirements that a newcomer to the code must master. That's why 
we don't use STL inside KPA, either (according to Jepser, the author).

The way you did the function binding also looks rather un-Qtish, but I'm 
not sure if this can be changed.

>   Because the autofools is a little differently setup in kphotoalbum I
> hacked config.h to #define HAVE_SIXDOF and changed the Makefiles
> manually here.

Please note that the kde3 branch is more or less dead now. We've 
migrated to kde4 version and the new build system is cmake-based.

Also note that if you want this integrated in KPA, it must be switchable 
on/off on compile time cleanly, with no manual steps required.

> Let me know if this is desired functionality mainline... I'm fairly keen
> to get support mainline so I don't have to maintain a bunch of patches
> for different apps that I add 6dof too. I'm happy to clean up the patch
> if there is interest.

Please convert it to the kde4 version, make it easily switchable on 
compile time and try to match "coding style" with the rest of KPA. I see 
no problem in merging that patch, then :).


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