[KPhotoAlbum] Recalc checksum upon image modification?

Tim McCormack basalganglia at brainonfire.net
Mon Apr 7 03:14:19 CEST 2008

Jan Kundrát wrote:
> we don't check file checksums at startup as it's really very
> expensive operation.

Oh, I'm not saying to recalculate the MD5 sums of everything on startup
-- my proposal is to look for modified files on the basis of stat(), and
then recompute the MD5.

Good point regarding LAN-stored photo collections. Perhaps this could be 
an option for startup (off by default), or even just a plugin.

>> Is there any way of forcing KPA to do this?
> Sure, Maintenance -> Recalculate Checksum does that.

But that recalculates *all* checksums. :-/

KPA already calls stat() for all files, correct? Or does it just check 
directory listings for new files?

  - Tim McCormack

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