[KPhotoAlbum] KPA 3.1.0 RC1 not importing data / crash on cancel

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Tue Oct 9 23:41:27 CEST 2007

Jan Kundrát schrieb:
> Hello Jan,
>> This time I got to the actual import (So the situation improved)
>> What I wanted, was to only import the meta data (the one present in
>>  index.xml), while the photos were already there. (Hand copied from
>>  a DVD)
> Please try r723157.
>> After some big amount of "ok-clicking" (once for each photo)
> Fixed.
>> KPA finally crashed with the attached trace. On the konsole I got:
>>  ASSERT: "it.node != node" in /usr/lib/qt3/include/qvaluelist.h
>> (301) KCrash: Application 'kphotoalbum' crashing...
> Oops, please try again with r723157.

Ok, importing with the photos already present in the target directory
now works "mostly".
(All of the above mentioned problems are gone)
There is one problem, which makes it quite useless:
At startup KPA reads the new images. They are now present in the DB but
with no tags.
Reading the .kim files should now add the tags. But instead it leaves
the original entries untouched and creates new entries.
If the already present photo has a filename of 'x.jpg' the import
creates 'x-2.jpg'. So in the end I have twice that much photos in the
folder (as seen by KPA), one set with the real photo but no tags, a
second set with a missing photo (grey with the edge snipped off) but the
correct tags.

>> So I copied the thumbnails from the .kim file to the the dir, where
>>  KPA expected the photos. This time the progress bar went up to 99
>> % rather quick, then stopped. I had to kill KPA
> Actually it was doing a lot of work in the background. I've added
> progress updates to that in r723157.

Ah, ok, this makes things clear. Thanks.
(I would never have thought, that after reading the images (quite fast),
something else could use so much time.)

> Yeah, from a user's POV, I think you're right. This is a "general
> bug" and not something that was introduced in 3.1.0 (neither are
> other import-realated bugs you've reported; there were no changes to
> the Import dialog that I'm aware of), so it would be great if you
> could file a bug.

Been there, done that.

> Cheers and huge thanks for testing again and again,

You're welcome. Thanks for the quick fixes !


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