[KPhotoAlbum] 3.1.0-rc1 released - some problems

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Tue Oct 2 21:48:36 CEST 2007

Jan Kundrát schrieb:
> I'm not sure what you mean by "they aren't detected". According to the
> .xml snippet, they are recognized, but with an empty label. Is my
> interpretation correct? Do they show up in the KPA somewhere, perhaps
> when you select proper directory? Have you configured the
> synchronization stuff before proceeding ?
The new features of KPA look very promising. But on the other hand there
seem to be some problems with the RC1:

When first detecting new images using RC1, the images were found, but
the file name so far visible below the image was missing.
(For the "old" images it was still present)
I tried to recreate this using "Re-Read Meta Data from file".
This resulted in a crash. See attached file KPA_reread_crash.

At the first try of this, KPA then crashed right at startup (after
reading the DB), see KPA_restart_crash.
(I didn't see this right now at a second try.)

I then had KPA from SVN read the new images, then switched to RC1 to
have another look. Now the titles were present.
I tagged the new photos and this seemed alright,.

But just now- one day later -  I had to find that somehow KPA RC1
managed to write an empty index.xml without a current .#index.xml.
So my tagging action is gone (The first hard data loss by KPA).
Fortunately I have a backup from before the tagging.

Another problem seems to be in the IPTC export.
I tried to use this to have JALbum read the IPTC tags to give meaningful
descriptions to my photos.
For some photos this worked, but other photos now had JAlbum barf with
an internal error. (The same bunch of pictures where accepted by JAlbum
before the IPTC export in KPA without problems).
I will try to reproduce this with downscaled photos, so I can post
examples. (Don't know when I will find the time for this)


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