[KPhotoAlbum] Poll: Estimated parent/child count in your DB.

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Fri Nov 30 13:14:55 CET 2007

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   Tero Tilus schrieb:
   > 2007-11-29 09:20, Paul Fleischer:
   >> But, of course you are correct that it would be more efficient to
   >> have a map with less entries (namely parents).
   > How about a little poll to verify assumptions?

   Ok, here is my data:
   DB: 6516 photos in total
   434 photos for stitched panos
   giving 40 panos ("masters")

   0,6 % of all fotos are "masters" with 10,85 photos per master

I have about 22,000 photos with 3338 .cr2's (Canon RAW), each of which
has a corresponding .jpg.

This brings up another question: when exporting photos, generating
HTML, etc. I want to pick which image in each set I'm operating on.
For export, I'm likely to want either the .cr2 or the .jpg, but
usually not both (and if I do want both, it will be for all images).
For generating HTML, I'm always going to want the .jpg.

How would I specify something like that?

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