[KPhotoAlbum] Second iteration of experimental image grouping patch

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Thu Nov 29 22:53:28 CET 2007

Paul Fleischer schrieb:
> Hi again,
> Here is the second iteration of the image grouping functionality. Changes are:
> - Only a parent attribute is used in the XML file.
> - Methodnames and indentation should match the rest of KPA
> - When browsing children, the parent image is no longer shown
> - Text in statusbar changes when viewing children
> - An image with children is now marked with an icon overlay. Requires
> a file named parent.png in the pics/ data-directory of KPA. I've used
> <kdedir>/share/icons/crystalsvg/32x32/actions/add.png.
> - Reparenting by dragging (which currently is the only way), is made
> more safe and now has an "Are you sure?"-dialog.
> - Detaching from parent, now also works when you have the parent image selected.
Hello Paul,

I didn't have the time up until now to get your patch and have a look at
how it does.
But I like the idea very much. The use case for which I often liked to
have a feature like this one, are stitched panorama images. I keep the
pano (of course) and the original images. So having a way to "hide" the
originals and connecting them to the pano would be great. (Same thing
would go for HDR fotos - but I hadn't much luck with the tools for linux
with this.)

Thanks for your work !


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