[KPhotoAlbum] Poll: Estimated parent/child count in your DB.

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Thu Nov 29 10:37:30 CET 2007

2007-11-29 09:20, Paul Fleischer:
> But, of course you are correct that it would be more efficient to
> have a map with less entries (namely parents).

How about a little poll to verify assumptions?

Hi all!  What would (in your DB) be the estimated
 a) percentage of "parents" (photos having "children") and
 b) average "child" count per "parent"?

I'd say (just by lookin, not actually counting) that I'd have 1 parent
per 50-200 photos (0.5-2%) and mostly 5-10 children per parent.

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