[KPhotoAlbum] Very experimental image-grouping patch

Paul Fleischer paul at xpg.dk
Wed Nov 28 15:00:48 CET 2007

> Sorry if I repeat what other people said already (Man I hate being so busy :(


> looks great, lots of people asked for a feature like that for a long time, esp
> for multiple copies of the same file, or a serie of similar photos. So a cool
> adition to this would be to auto detect in some way.

I have considered having a way to use filenames to create groups.
Still all in my head, but should be doable.

> Second, it would be nice with some indication that it was a parent image (how
> about calling that a master?) and later perhaps some easy way to see the
> children (like double clicking the image or something)

I'm trying to get a little icon overlayed on master images (which BTW,
is a much better name than parent). I think double-click should still
be view, as it is now. But maybe double-clicking on the overlayed icon
could be used to show the children.

> Finally we need to decide how this could interoperated with the move
> thumbnails feature.

Currently, you just drop images on top of the one you want to be a
master. But I'm not sure if this is the best scheme.

A final note: Master sounds better than parent. But child/children
also has a strange sound to it. Maybe "version", or something like
that could be used instead.


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