[KPhotoAlbum] Very experimental image-grouping patch

Jan Kundrat jkt at gentoo.org
Wed Nov 28 12:28:07 CET 2007

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Paul Fleischer wrote:
> > g) I think we don't want to decrease displayed number of images in
> > browser widget
> I don't quite follow?

Start the demo DB, you'll see "24" as number of images on the first 
screen. Make some images children of something, return home, you see less 
than 24.

> > i) No need for +class ImageInfoList; in DB/ImageInfo.h
> Indeed not. The first instance of the patch had children as
> ImageInfoList, rather than QStringList.

Actually it might make sense to use "something better" than image names 
for identifying children. Hmm, or probably not worth the effort as we 
access images based in file name on all other places anyway.

> > l) Do we have to use "child" attribute in XML DB? Isn't "parent" enough?
> > What happens if these two are inconsistent?
> The advantage by having the child attribute, is that we avoid having
> to do name-lookup for the parent on each image-load. At least that was
> my initial idea. But inconsistencies will mess things up badly, so I
> agree that having only parent would be the best.

I haven't checked the code thouroughly yet, but it seems to me that we can 
generate this mapping after having parsed the XML file. I have nothing 
against having memory structures a "bi-directional list", but I'd like to 
avoid it in the XML db.

> > q) Add some actions/shortcuts to ImageView for cycling through the
> > alternatives
> Could you elaborate?

When you've launched a viewer, one image is shown and you can move back & 
forward among your "selected items" by pgup/pgdown. It might be 
interesting to add some action that would move only among "children of 
current image".

> Thank you very much for your comments. I'll fix the smaller issues as
> soon as I get a chance, and create a new patch. Also, I'll try to
> remove the child-stuff from XMLDB, as it's both ugly and, as you
> mention, can lead to inconsistencies.

You should also talk to Tuomas Suutari (Tuomas on IRC) about his SQL DB 
(which is probably very different and would require either an expensive 
lookup or storing both "children" and "parent" stuff in the SQL).

Thanks for great work. How much time did it take you btw?


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