[KPhotoAlbum] Improvement request

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 25 23:45:00 CET 2007

Peter wrote:
> I believe other keywords like (place, persons, date and others) got the same 
> issue and should be fixed too. **TITLE** keyword works good - it is exchanged 
> stright to and only to the image's title text (without tags and "title" 
> word).

Speaking from my POV, given that I'm developing a web interface for
browsing KPA database (see archives of this ML for details), I have
little motivation to spend time fixing minor issues in HTML generator.
If you can come up with a patch that fixes this issue and changes all
shipped HTML templates so that the end result is same as now, I'll
happily commit it, though :).

File you want to look at is HTMLGenerator/Generator.cpp. Don't be scared
of C++, it's actually pretty easy.

> BTW, where I can find a list of all template-keywords that I can use in my 
> html-template?

In the same file.

And as a side note, it would be better if you either merged all three
mails into one, or used the "Reply" button so that messages would be
grouped together in good MUAs :).


cd /local/pub && more beer > /dev/mouth

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