[KPhotoAlbum] Improvement request 3

Peter pitrasw at wp.pl
Sun Nov 25 21:05:55 CET 2007


It's again me... this time with **THUMBNAIL-TABLE** keyword which is used 
in "gallery-index" page where this keyword prints the table with thumbnails.

Maybe it's possible to create new keywords which will allow to build sth like

for thumbnails do
  for columns do // to control number of columns

or maybe to edit that THUMBNAIL-TABLE.

Right now I can't even create a template where thumbnails are displayed 
with "title" attrib of the IMG tag. Those title is ofter displayed as tooltip 
in most of the browsers.

<img src="THUMBNAIL" title="PICTURE'S_TITLE"/>

I think that it would be easier if an external program/separate project would 
take care of generating html gallery. That would let KPA to keep its main 
goals - managing photos.


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