[KPhotoAlbum] Improvement request

Peter pitrasw at wp.pl
Sun Nov 25 15:28:19 CET 2007


In HTML gallery templates the template-keyword **DESCRIPTION** is changed to 
something like this:

<ul> <li> <b>Description:</b> description_text... </li> </ul>

It's quite bad and ugly approach. BTW I would expect this in Windows, but not 
Linux apps :) That keyword should be changed directly to 
the "description_text..." and that's all. Without _ANY_ html tag and without 
that "Description:" word i.e. if I want to put my language word instead of 
the english "description" word. Fixing this will give more control over the 
html-gallery view.

I believe other keywords like (place, persons, date and others) got the same 
issue and should be fixed too. **TITLE** keyword works good - it is exchanged 
stright to and only to the image's title text (without tags and "title" 

BTW, where I can find a list of all template-keywords that I can use in my 

There's drawback of this request. It will surely destroy bundled 
html-galleries templates (as <ul><li> are printed with new lines on the 
page)... well... improvement needs some victims...


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