[KPhotoAlbum] KPA 3.1.0 RC1 not importing data / crash on cancel

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Wed Nov 7 05:14:25 CET 2007

2007-11-07 01:56, Jan Kundrát:
> There's no such thing as mapping these tags to already existing
> images that have different name and are in another directory.

What I was thinking (besides the original import problem which would
not have been a problem with md5-matching upon import) was that

Usecase 1) You first export bunch of photos and your cousin imports
the to her KPA.  Later you do some more tagging (or maybe some of the
photos weren't tagged at all when you first exported) and you want to
send the new taggings too without sending gig of photos again.

Usecase 2) If I get photos from somebody else I want to decide where
to put them in my filesystem.  I have my own convention to store
photos shot by somebody else (than me or my wife).  Now I can import
and then move the files later on.  The problem is how to find the
imported.  I would like to first copy images where ever I like, then
import and rescan (or rescan and import).

Usecase 3) I import without knowing that I have couple of those photos
already in my lib.  I might have obtained them from somewhere else.  I
would of course want to merge tags, not import duplicate photo.

> The only advantage I can see with storing checksums is the
> possibility to report modified/damaged files.

What I'm seeing here is GUID for a photo.  Maybe I've understood a
little wrong the function of storing md5sums.

> That'd require verifying that older KPAs don't break with unknown
> attributes in the import file, though.


...but as you said, this probably is not a killer feature.  ;)

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