[KPhotoAlbum] KPA 3.1.0 RC1 not importing data / crash on cancel

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Tue Nov 6 06:29:02 CET 2007

Uh, back to an old topic...

2007-10-10 23:37, Martin Jost:
> Tero Tilus schrieb:
> > 2007-10-10 07:58, Martin Jost:
> >> The copied photo has a checksum. The imported one has a list of
> >> zeros.
> >
> > Is this because .kim does not contain digests or because (don't have
> > kpa at hand right now to try) they get dropped at some point during
> > the import?
> Here is an example of the data of one photo in the index.xml inside the
> .kim file:
> so, no md5sum.

Should there be?  I mean if photos get exported and pushed to new,
probably differently organized, directory tree and/or you export
taggings only and import them to different kpa db (which already has
the photos)...  Would it be better safe than sorry and put md5 to .kim
to better be able to map the taggings to correct photos?

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