[KPhotoAlbum] [Bug 145309] make "show this image" load all images in current view

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Thu May 24 15:57:42 CEST 2007

Shawn Willden wrote:
> I think I found where the extra accesses are performed:
> 	files = DB::ImageDB::instance()->currentScope( true );
> Changing 'true' to 'false' will disable the up-front disk presence checking.  
> Of course, then the viewer will have to handle images that aren't on disk 
> gracefully.

Yup, I'm aware of that, but I haven't tested it yet so I don't propose 
the change. I'm not sure how would Viewer react if it's told to show 
image 123 and images 100 - 110 aren't readable, for example.

And if we change this, we should do the same for Ctrl+A (select all images).


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