[KPhotoAlbum] Delete select (images) dialog

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sun May 20 16:26:48 CEST 2007

Baptiste MATHUS schrieb:
> While working on it, I realized that the current delete dialog, even
> with the patch removing the double checkbox isn't totally logical:
> => the checkbox would contain "Don't delete, only block from
> database". so you could check it and click on... "Delete". I think
> that's not the most simple way to be understood :-), mainly for new
> users (I fear new users are going to wonder: "wait a minute, if I
> click on delete while having checked the upper box, will it anyway
> delete permanently my image(s)?).
> So, I thought about using "Proceed" text instead in the button. It
> seems a bit clearer, but maybe it's not the best way to go. I also
> lowered the font size from +3 to +2. Imo, it looks a bit better and
> still an important message.

what about doing it the way KDE does shutdown. (See attached screenshot):
One button per option, making it clear what the button does.
This once also was one button and n checkboxes.
(IIRC this was changed, when with suspend yet another form of "shutdown"
came up)

IHMO, something along this line, would be unambiguous.



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