[KPhotoAlbum] what photo tools do you guys use?

Sujee Maniyam kimdaba at sujee.net
Fri May 18 20:33:42 CEST 2007

HI gang,

The purpose of this email is to see what people are doing to manage/edit 
their photos on Linux.

I have been using Kphotoalbum for a while, and here is my 'toolset'
	- kphotoalbum : to manage images
	- gqview : to review images to keep or throw away.  It is pretty fast 
and simple to use.
	- gimp : to edit/crop
	- some home grown shell scripts for
		> autorotate images based on exif (jhead)
		> resize images ('convert' from ImageMagic tools)
		> add some watermark before pushing the images to web (convert again)
	(the reason I am doing this is because the images exported by HTML 
export of Kphotoalbum have 'low jpeg quality' settings thus look grainy. 
  I replace the images with my resized version (jpg quality = 85%).  And 
there is no way to set the JPG quality rating during export (will file a 
feature request on this)

I am pretty well settled into this routine and it works for me (I don't 
have RAW images, I mostly deal with JPGs.)

So what other software you have found useful.  Can you share them here?


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