[KPhotoAlbum] Patches follow-up

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Thu May 17 16:58:30 CEST 2007

Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> That might not be a bad idea, but the website is relly a lot of ducth tape put 
> together with small scripts etc.

> I dont know how it would work to get it uploaded from SVN, but that is another 
> issue.

That depends how you can update the web server or what you can do on
this. What I have used a lot in the past (mostly with CVS but not much
different with svn):

Run via cron:
(1) On the webserver checkout/update from repository into temporary space
(2) Use rsync to synchronise web space with local copy using --exclude=.svn

Of course if you cannot run rsync/svn on the web server itself, maybe
it's feasible to run this on a local machine which can use rsync via ssh
to upload the pages.



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