[KPhotoAlbum] Small utility for edit tokens in DB

Angel Lopez anglopm at gmail.com
Wed May 16 21:28:20 CEST 2007


some days ago, somebody asked for something to assign tags to
photographs in the DB with tokens without having to browse and
selecting them.

Well, I also think that could be a good idea, but I do not have much
idea on C++, but I use python a little bit, so... I have tried to make
a really simple application for that purpose.

It's written in python but using pyqt, so this is a requirement to
execute the code. I also made a binary file that should include all
the libraries and dependencies, and probably it could work for
everyone. (not sure here).

I explain here what the program does:

You must specify the DB file to use. (it writes a file 'default.conf'
to CWD with the filename used in order to load it the next time)

Click on Scan button.

It shows in different rows the tokens you have on the DB file. and the
categories you have defined. So you can add as many as you want. for
each token.

Click on Apply button.

A file having '_new' suffix before the .xml is written to the same
directory as the original.

The files can be downloaded here:

Known problems:
You cannot select a token when applying categories because it fails.
(I have to re-check this)

The performance is probably very bad, but it can be improved. I know
I'm doing several line-by-line reading the file.... one should be

There are no comments on the code.

If someone find this useful I can be happy and remake it a bit.


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