[KPhotoAlbum] Export to IPTC

Carrion, Fabian (GE Money, consultant) Fabian.Carrion at ge.com
Tue May 15 18:07:06 CEST 2007


I made the patch responding to the following request: http://mail.kdab.net/mailman/pipermail/kphotoalbum/2007-January/002717.html
So I will just support IPTC tags and not EXIF tags. I appologize.



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Well, some suggestions:

a) Make mapping of KPA <-> EXIF names permanent in KPA's configuration
b) Be smart when converting "angle" (ie. store correct Exif.Image.Orientation).
c) Make it actually work :) -- when I tried it on one image (only configured "angle" -> "Exif.Image.Orientation"), it ate whole Exif section and didn't store anything back.


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