[KPhotoAlbum] Fwd: Re: Checking image file readability by MIME type, rather than file name

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Mon May 14 10:40:26 CEST 2007

On Monday, 14. May 2007 09:47 Martin Jost wrote:
> Note that in the case I'm talking about, "new images" are found, due to
> the changed path, but KPA recognizes them as already known, due to the
> stored md5 sum. What I would like to see is that, as soon as KPA finds
> "new" photos, it should not only compare them to the known and shown
> photos, but also to the known and ignored. (this will need stored md5
> sums of the ignored photos in the DB) Because the ignored photos are in
> most cases a (very) small fraction of all the photos, this shouldn't
> hurt the performance much. At the same time the whole check is only
> needed if  new photos are found at startup.

Now that you explained things in more detail this sounds reasonable to me. 
And it probably wouldn't be much more expensive than it is now as checksums 
for new images are calculated anyway (per default they'll be added to the 
image-list but not to the ignore-list).

> Do I miss something here ? (E.g. are there use cases there the count of
> ignored photos (case a) is in the order of known and shown photos in the
> DB ?)

Some time ago i used a album-creation tool that stored created thumbnails in 
a subdirectory of my image-db. I once added all of those images to the 
ignore-list which resulted in a huge ignorelist (I probably still have 
those images in the list, even if they do not exist anymore... I should 
check this).

Anyway, this was not good practice (I think) but others might do similar 
things resulting in big ignore lists.

> Are we talking about different things  ?

No, I just wasn't thinking hard enough about your idea. Sorry.

- martin
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