[KPhotoAlbum] Export to IPTC

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat May 12 03:40:16 CEST 2007

Jan Kundrát wrote:
> Carrion, Fabian (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
>> http://fabien.carrion.free.fr/iptc-0.5.diff.bz2
> What do I have to do to apply it? Applying patch and re-running
> ./configure is not enough as make complains about missing "all" target
> in the Iptc directory.

`make -f Makefile.cvs` in a parent dir fixed that.

However, and I have no idea why is it so, I don't see the
reWriteIptcInfo item in the menu. I can work with other EXIF items just
fine and strings "reWriteIptcInfo" are present in various object files,
just the IPTC functionality seems to be missing.

Is there anything I should check?


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