[KPhotoAlbum] Is there a way to copy tags between photos ?

Nicolas M. Thiery nthiery at users.sf.net
Thu May 10 00:15:45 CEST 2007

> Your suggestion reminds me of mutt keybinding configuration, which I
> happen to like a lot.  :)

Really? Noooo, what a coincidence! :-)

> I'm in.  This feature would fit in my workflow perfectly.  I would not
> need GUI widget for setup.  In fact I would prefer command buffer to
> enter ":setkey t tag 'Tero'" or ":source ~/mykpakeys" etc.

Of course, that would be perfect for me as well. But Kimdaba also
targets softer users than mutt does. So a GUI widget is unavoidable in
the mid-term. Also, consistency with other KDE Apps is at a
premium. Anyway, I don't have experience with KDE/Qt programming, but
their certainly readily exists a standard solution for keybindings.

Best regards,
Nicolas M. Thiéry "Isil" <nthiery at users.sf.net>

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