[KPhotoAlbum] Is there a way to copy tags between photos ?

Nicolas M. Thiery nthiery at users.sf.net
Tue May 8 09:04:57 CEST 2007

> I don't know what the solution is, but the existence of hacks like
> yours (convenient as it is that they're possible!) seems like a
> pretty good indication that something can be improved.

May I reiterate a suggestion I had made on August 17 2006?

I would love to have customizable keybindings. Namely, the user could
quickly set shortcuts like:

	c: copy-tags-from-previous-picture
	n: set Person "Nicolas Thiéry"
	t: set Person "Nicolas Thiéry"; set Person "Adèle Thiéry"
	p: set Location Paris

	^K: set Keyword
	^P: set Person
	^L: set Location

After that, hitting p in the image viewer would set the tag Paris on
the picture. In the thumbnail view, that would set the tag on all
selected pictures. Hitting ^K would ask the user for a keyword in a
little text box with the usual automatic completion.

This feature generalizes the token mechanism, as those can be easily
emulated by defining a default keybinding for all letters like:

	r: toggle Token r

In a typical workflow this would be used like tokens, but without the
need to come back a posteriori to the tokenized pictures to set the
tags corresponding to each token.

An important point is that it should be quick to (re)define
keybindings, as well as to "save" or "reset to last saved" them.
Indeed the user will typically change some or all his keybindings for
each collection of pictures he will be treating. I see it like having
a popup window where he could type in the key (say "p"), and then
either type the full binding in a text-box (say "set Location Paris"),
or click successively on some buttons "set", "Location" and then type
in "Paris" in a text-box with the usual automatic completion.

Best regards,

PS: Count on me for the beta testing. I am also ready to give out a
few bucks for this feature! Anyone else?

Nicolas M. Thiéry "Isil" <nthiery at users.sf.net>

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