[KPhotoAlbum] Is there a way to copy tags between photos ?

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Tue May 8 08:40:23 CEST 2007

William Holland schrieb:
> When I'm going through my photos (normally as a slideshow), I use tokens 
> (press various letters for each photo).
> ie 
> w for will
> c for claire
> d for should be deleted
> etc.
> Once I've assigned keys to all the letters, I go via the tokens selection, and 
> select all with token "w", hit <ctrl>-2 and add "will" to the persons 
> category, and repeat for the others.
> Finally I clear the tokens.
Hello William,

yes, this also one of the hacks I came up with. It also plays nice when
tagging many photos with few people on each one, but lot of differences
between the photos.
The problem with  it is clashes in the name. I have been tagging photos
from a bicycle tour. We where 9 persons on the tour (So 26 characters
should do nicely ;-) But this is already more than enough for clashes.
Two Matthias (so I used the first letter of the second name) One Harald
and one Heidi, .... (One clash I only discovered after several
conflicting tokens already set :-(

I guess, even if something like my suggestions would be implemented, I
still would use tokens for some things. The perl motto - "there is more
than one way to do it" (usually abbreviated TIMTOWTDI) *is* really
useful.- because it lets the user choose what fits best in what situation.

BTW: I'm using this with 'D' (delete) as token as my standard hack to
mark the photos I will throw away due to technical problems when doing a
first quick overview with the dia show.

The tokens and the way to set them in the dia show is one of the great
features of KPA, which show that the developers really thought  about
what to implement ! (And when I first saw it in the documentation I
thought "what use could this be ?")


I entered a report in the bug tracking system (bugs.kde.org) as wishlist
item, so it won't get lost: this is id 145158
(and unfortunately also 145160 - can someone please delete the second
one. And I was very sure I pressed the submit button only once...)

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