[KPhotoAlbum] Is there a way to copy tags between photos ?

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Mon May 7 22:47:44 CEST 2007


The method that I use is slightly different.

When I'm going through my photos (normally as a slideshow), I use tokens 
(press various letters for each photo).

w for will
c for claire
d for should be deleted

Once I've assigned keys to all the letters, I go via the tokens selection, and 
select all with token "w", hit <ctrl>-2 and add "will" to the persons 
category, and repeat for the others.

Finally I clear the tokens.

It's maybe not as easy as it could be, and at some point I would like to write 
a quick utility to do the mapping of tokens to items without having to view 
the photos (slow on my computer), but it works well (for me).

I hope this helps,


On Monday 07 May 2007 08:08, Martin Jost wrote:
> Mark Eichin schrieb:
> > The little wxPython app I used (with bins) before I moved to kimdaba
> > had exactly that feature - "fill" (ctrl-A) would fill in all metadata
> > from the last-viewed image.  Very useful for a one-at-a-time workflow,
> > without getting in the way of browsing.
> Yes, it is something along this lines, I would like to see.
> Angel Lopez schrieb:
> > why don't you use tag multiple photos at the same time? (CTRL-2) and
> > then you tag all the photos with the same persons just in one step.
> >
> > Even, if almost all of them have the same persons but one or two are
> > different you can tag all first with the same persons (this will fit
> > most of them) and then change one or two individual photos to math the
> > correct information.
> This is what I try to do right now.
> There are two problems with it:
> 1.
> You have to select all the photos first. This usually ends up with a
> bunch of photos wildly distributed within the whole set, I'm working on.
> Nevertheless I miss some - this is the reason for my wish for a way to
> drag-and-drop the whole set of tags attached to one photo.
> 2.
> When you tag with Ctrl-2, no photo is shown at all in the dialog. So I
> end up juggling the diashow window (to see the photo), the tagging
> window (to tag it) and the main window (which when iconised  iconizes
> the tagging window too)...
> 3.
> (This problem wouldn't be solved with my suggestions - all ideas welcome)
> I end up with an ugly mess of completely tagged, partly tagged photos
> and photos not tagged at all ....
> Yes I use the trick of using a "is tagged" tag. But this doesn't cut it
> in this case when I jump around between photos to tag the common subset
> of contents between them...
> At least I've learned, that I didn't missed a feature.
> Martin
> P.S.:
> Please note, that I don't  want to just nitpick at KPA. In fact I like
> the application very much - for me it is the software discovery of 2006 !
> Thanks for the great work !
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